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Why Jawed Habib Lucknow?

2 Week Guarantee

When you select any of our Premium services, we guarantee our work and provide free adjustments to ensure your satisfaction.

Being best salon means taking care of your needs before profit. At jawed habib salon hazratganj, we're committed to delivering not just great services and hospitality but also peace of mind. Embrace your new look with confidence, knowing that we're here to make it perfect for you. Still in doubt, reach us at 09598008800 through call or WhatsApp and enquire about our two-week warranty program. Or may be take a small service before going for our premium services, Try our salon and get to know why we are best in the city of nawabs!!

jawed habib lucknow

Hair extensions in Lucknow

Do you see you friends and celebrities and think if only you had such long and dense tresses. Those days are gone when you had to had good genes to have beautiful hairs. There are several salons that provide diverse service with affordable permanent hair extensions price.

Best hair extensions salon

One of the best hair extensions salon is Jawed Habib salon hazratganj. List is big but only few beauty salon provide after service support as we do. Out of all salons only Jawed habib salon hazratganj gives 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Why Get Permanent Hair Extensions?

Confidence Reimagined. As per top hairstylists, more than 87 percent of there clients get extra confidence after getting Extensions. Explore Endless Styles: there are countless options, from clip-ins to tape-in extensions.

Choose Right Hair Extensions

 At our salon we will help you with extensions type selection, desired style, and budget. It is important to choose best beauty salon to have your extensions applied.

Keratin treatment cost in Lucknow

Curious about keratin treatment cost in Lucknow. Finding affordable yet high quality place for female that provides best keratin treatment can be draining specially when keratin treatment price varies so much according to keratin product and Location in city.

Keratin treatment verity is extensive and so is the list of best salon for keratin treatment. For example, results and price of hair straightening can be totally different from nanoplastia hair treatment. Besides hair straightening and nanoplastia hair treatment there are things like keratin spa done by beauty parlours, causes further confusion.

Our Hairdresser at jawed habib hazratganj will not only help you to understand that why we are best but will also guide you about keratin treatement price and they will help you to choose best product for keratin treatment. While comparing keratin treatment cost you would get to know that our prices are quite affordable yet out of all salons, we provide best keratin treatment. On google, clients have rated jawed habib hazratganj as best salon for keratin treatment.

Visit for free keratin consultation at our conveniently located beauty parlour, known as jawed habib salon hazratganj and understand how we provide best services. We will prove that only 10% of beauty salon use original products.

keratin treatment in lucknow

Hair patch in Lucknow

Are you suffering from baldness and do not want to go for expensive and painful surgery then better start looking for a good salon. There are many salons in city but not all of them provide world class baldness solution. Its not just about patch quality but also about after care service.

We recommend you to go for high quality hair patch provider, however quality mean expensive as well, on the other hand quality patches are not super durable yet they are extremely comfortable on scalp.
 As per our guru Mr. Habib, its critical to choose experienced and professional salon as only they can provide good patch for yor need, and it’s a long term relation as well. Jawed habib salon is such place in list of unisex salons. Jawed habib salon Hazratganj not only provides 100 percent original hair patch in lucknow but also provide best service. It has been voted as best salon for male.

Hair patch price Hair patch price is quite reasonable, particularly in jawed habib hazratganj, price dipends on quality and base material. Rest assured jawed habib hazratganj provides best patch under your budget and with full warranty. We also provide good tips for after care too.

hair spa in lucknow

Hair Spa Price in Lucknow

The quest for the best hair spa begins with exploration of best beauty parlour, because hair spa price varies according to beauty parlour. Jawed habib hazratganj is a trusted name in beauty parlour industry. While searching for the best service provider, it's essential to remember that Jawed Habib hazratganj isn't just about services. It's also about Class.

Unveiling Hair Spa Price at Jawed Habib Salon: Basic price is up to 1500, Advanced price 1500 to 2500 and Premium price is from 2500 and above. Rest assured that you're receiving the top quality service with value for your money at our salon.

Tips: While price is one factor but product quality, staff experience also matters when screening for best hair spa in lucknow.

Hair Straightening Price in Lucknow

A guide for Permanent hair straightening price in Lucknow

Looking beautiful is full time job but your haircare could be much easier, essentially if they are untangled and straight. There was time when woman used to be worried about cost and safety about straightening, nowadays innovation has made it possible to choose safe and suitable products based on you budget and needs.

Permanent straightening price varies according to products used and staff quality. Good salon use high quality products hence price will be high, while price is low for average unisex salon. So which shall you go for, high price with good result or low price with bad results.

According to various experts temporary hair straightening price are roughly ten time less than permanent straightening, while as per one known stylist the smoothing price are mostly in same range of hair rebonding price.

Hair Smoothening

While searching for smoothening price in lucknow one must find good salon for smoothening.As per google reviews Jawed habib salon Hazratganj is known for perfect balance of service quality and affordability in field hair smoothening.Jawed habib has experienced and professional hairstylist and it uses only authentic and genuine products and that’s why it is so confident in its work that it gives two week warranty. So all in all its best deal.

As a client you have to understand that Smoothening, straightening, nanoplastia, rebonding,  keratin and kerasmooth all do chemical and thermal induced bond changes in your hairs yet they all give different results they all have different ingredients and they all have different risk to reward ratio. Some of these treatments are so product ratio and time sensitive that inexperienced hairstylist can turn your hairs into boiled noodles in just minutes. Many hairstylists get dilutional after watching couple of Instagram reels that they start doing experiments on live hairs itself. Everyday there are new products are being invented and its impossible for best of the hairstylists to keep track of. This is where big organization like Jawed Habib comes to play important role, with dedicated product testing team, dedicated talent hiring and training team we solve problems that local beaty parlors and salons can not solve. So, when it comes to chemical and thermal based straightening expertise no one can beat Jawed Habib in India.