The most common complaint I hear from new clients is an unwanted yellow or orange tone. There are several reasons for this, the number 1 being an overuse of golden tones. These can come from low-lights or hi-lift blondes which when used on natural hair below a certain depth or with an already naturally golden tone will produce a yellow appearance. If you're looking for a clean blonde the way to solve this is to combine ash low-lights with your brighter blondes. Many people can be put off by the mention of using ash tones, fearing that this may give a dull or greyish appearance. However, when used correctly ash will simply neutralise the existing yellow or orange tones leaving you with a clean and striking blonde. The tones in your natural hair are very important when it comes to choosing a low-light to accompany your blonde and far too often the same 3 colours are used regardless, which in many cases leads to that dreaded yellow tone. This is where in-depth consultation and the knowledge of a colourist will give you a better result.


Hair color in Lucknow


With tinting it's all about working in tandem with your natural skin tone and percentage of grey. With a higher percentage of grey, vibrant colours should be avoided as they will fade more quickly, exaggerate your regrowth and often not give full coverage. Choosing the depth of colour is important too in that you won't usually want to go any more than a shade darker than your natural colour as this can make you look washed out and once again exaggerate your regrowth.

Fashion colour

Fashion colour typically involves placing slices or blocks of colour to hi light certain aspects of a cut. These can range from loudly vibrant to a subtle glow with the idea of giving you an individual look . Layered or choppy cuts can benefit hugely from carefully placed sections of colour with curly hair in particular gaining dimension and depth . One advantage of this approach is low maintenance . With colour placement usually sitting underneath the bulk of your hair you don't need to be concerned with tending to a regrowth every 6 weeks . But the main advantage really is getting a tailored look to suit your own style .


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Colour correction

Colour correction will usually involve going from blonde to a darker colour or vice versa . In the case of swapping your blonde for a darker shade there are numerous factors to consider . The condition of your hair will be the main one that determines the outcome . If your hair is porous or damaged from over highlighting or straightening , a darker shade will fade very quickly leaving you with a washed out looking tone . If you are considering such a change and feel your hair is a little weak it will need to be strengthened 1st to achieve the best results . The Kerastase Resistance Range is ideal for the job . For more information head to the products section . The most important factor in darkening your hair is replacing the pigment which is lost when highlighting . Your hair consists a certain amount of invisible red and orange tones and if these are not replaced the result is a dull and flat tone .


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New Hair Colour Ideas


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When looking for new colour ideas be prepared to widen your search. The latest movies will often have interesting and fresh takes on both style and colour. Coverage of fashion shows can often be found on YouTube . Central St Martins college of fashion and design is one search that will always yield new ideas . To stay ahead of the curve remember that like recurring fashions, hairstyles and colours are recycled

A classic example is the recurrence of the bob , a la Jennifer Aniston , or loud and vibrant colours which are then slightly altered to be made more modern . Recent years have seen a trend towards more natural and subtle colours but sooner


Hair Colour Choice


In much the same way that a pair of glasses should suit the shape of your face or the colour of clothing should suit your complexion , when it comes to your hair , choosing the right shade to compliment your skin tone will immediately make you look more healthy and vice versa for the wrong shade. For example if you have a pinkish skin tone and are looking for something warm , red should be avoided.

A mahogany tone would be softer and more complimentary . When it comes to fashion colour , choosing a technique to match your cut and using colour placement to complement the shape of your face are the keys to creating a tailored look.


Hair Colour maintenance


To get the best from your colour the right shampoo and conditioner is a must and Loreals Kerastase range cover s every need. For hair coloured blonde or regularly straightened (ghd) the Resistance range helps to strengthen and replace the moisture lost during these processes. For darker shades, particularly reds and coppers Bain Mirroir helps to prevent fade and maintains vibrancy.

If you're lucky enough to take sun holidays the Soleil Range will protect and condition your hair and colour against the elements . If you swim frequently this will also be of benefit. Lighter blondes may often find their colour taking on a yellow or greenish tinge . This is most likely caused by a build up of lime or zinc in the water supply . Bain Exfoliant which is normally recommended to treat dry scalp will prevent this build up and should be used once a week.


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Are you ready for hairdressing color?

 Do you want to look cool and smart with your new colored hair?   If you are planning to get rid of your natural hair color. if a multitude of products in the aisles puzzled you for choosing a hairdressing color for your skin tone Then, we are happy to help you in choosing the right hair color and hair colorist.  If you want to color your hair don’t just go for any hair color.  You must choose a hair color, that goes well with your skin tone. Now, if you are a little confused about how to choose the right hairdressing color, then don’t worry, you will get all your answers. Just keep reading.

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Best hair color for your skin tone

When it comes to hairdresser highlights the hair, we all don’t know how to choose the right hair color. You can go from looking beautiful to awful if you failed to choose the right color.  So it is better to understand your skin tone to pick the color that suits you most accordingly. so, here we are to help you deeply understand the skin tones and hair colors to choose from.

So, here we come up with the different skin tones we have and the most suited hair color we can choose.

The most crucial element to consider is your skin tone to pick the right hairdressing color. You may not look pleasant or you can look dull if your complexion and hair color is unmatched. So, we are here to guide you toward safe hair coloring. Moreover, you must consider your skin tone before hairdresser highlights color.

Types of hair colors according to skin tone


Hairdresser highlights color For Warm Skin Tone


 People having warm skin tones Warm colors of blonde and brown pair looks good. Select your shades depending on your skin tone, if you have light warm-toned skin, colors like honey blonde and rose gold give good results. you can opt for darker browns like chocolate if you have dark skin.

Hairdressing color For Cool Skin Tones

If you have Cool skin tones you can choose ash blonde, platinum, white blonde, and ash brown.  These softer warm tones like golden blonde and light chestnut brown also prove ideal.

best hair color in lucknow

Best hairdressing color For Fair Skin

 If you have fair skin, it is good to avoid hair that is too dark.  You can opt for subtle highlights to improve your look. You will look awesome in red streaks on your hair, if you already have a tinge of brown on your hair, and have a fair complexion. You can go for dark colors with vibrant undertones. You can also choose highlights in Shades of blonde, red, and light brown or chocolate. Yes, it will work best with this skin tone.

Best Hair Color For Medium Skin

  For the medium skin tone people, it is better to avoid colors that are too light. The warmer is the better and so Stick to blondes and browns. You can go for dark plum shades and brown sand also select the low lights. Get a haircut and hair color from best hair color salon in lucknow Jawed Habib Lucknow which will make the hair lowlights visible.

The ideal colors suits mostly are chocolate browns, dull reds, and maroons.  For this skin tone, you can also go with dark, cool colors like blues or purples.

Hair Color For Dark Skin

For people with a darker skin tone, must Go for warm colors like streaks that are honey-hued or dark red .getting cool-toned streaks like ash blonde might not be the best idea.. when you have a dark skin tone it is best to stick to darker colors with warm highlights. You can also opt for a balayage that will give you a smooth transition. For dark hair, you can choose a shade that is near to your natural hair color.  Yes, you can choose Maroons and dark browns work well with dark tones.

Hair Color For Light Skin

 If you have light or pale skin cool shades like spectrum white blonde, California blonde, dirty bronde, and ash browns look great. You can also go with warm tones of light brown but cool tones are preferred. You can also go to a professional saloon-like  Jawed  Habib for getting good hair color.

Hair Color For Olive Skin

  If you are also one having olive skin tone then, Warm dark blonde shades, dark browns, and light browns look amazing on you.  You can also try warm shades. Yes, Ash colors also complement this skin color well.   Various ash colors look good on olive skin because it’s a neutral skin tone.

Best Hair Color For Wheatish Skin

People with wheatish skin tone are quite common. Since wheatish skin falls into the medium-dark skinned category, you can choose the same couples and recommendations also.  Moreover, Warm dark browns and cool light browns look good on wheatish skin depending on how dark or light your skin tone is.


hairdresser highlights

 So, you must be clear about it, When it comes to choosing the right hair color your skin tone matters.  It is a major factor when figuring out since your hair is right next to your face. So, picking the right shade can make your skin glow, elegant and beautiful. It also makes you look years younger.  You can also choose best hair color salon in lucknow  Jawed Habib Lucknowto help make deciphering your skin tone a breeze. So, to get you a custom hair color that brings out the best in your complexion this professional saloon must help you to the most flattering hair color! Moreover, the best hairstylist must give you a consultation taking in certain elements, personal to you.   So, this ensures your new color suits you the best and changes your personality

Techniques to know about warm and cold skin tone

  You can check your wrist in normal sunlight.  This clear about your skin tone tends toward being warm or cold. If the veins in your wrists look green in sunlight, then you are warm-toned skin. As it is, if it gives an effect of blue, then you are cool-toned.

you may have a neutral skin tone, If you can't find whether they are blue or green. This gives you an olive complexion.

 Best tips to color your hair or to choose the right color

While you can follow hair trends, it best suits you when it complements your skin tone. Some colors look good on warm tones and some on cool, check out below.

  • Go with a hair color that is either one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color.
    Well, you can also choose a color that matches the color of your eyes can go well.
    f you have Warm undertones you can opt for warm colors like copper.
  • If you have Cool ones you can go with cool colors like walnut brown.
  • If you have yellowish undertones then hair color that has warm overtones like Copper blond color best suits you.
  • If your skin has pinkish undertones, describes you are cool-toned. So, the cool colors like ash blonde will look good on you.


 Final verdict

 Hope you understand about the skin tones and the various colors to be chosen accordingly. But no matter how you color or dye your hair, the hair color needs special care. Once you Colour your hair it is more prone to dryness and brittleness and split ends too. So, it is recommended you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner best designed for colored hair.  You can also go for a best salon in lucknow for hair colour like Jawed Habib Hazratganj to get an extra dose of moisture to your hair. You can get deep conditioning or you can also take oil massages. Best salon in lucknow for hair colour also applies hydrating hair masks and gives you a hair spa for cultivating hair and smooth hair smooth and glossy.

No matter what hair color type or brand you pick but choose best hair color salon in lucknow Jawed Habib Lucknow to maintain your hair and get new stylish colored hair.  Moreover, give it the right amount of care and protection to increase the life of colored hair.


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