Hair Straightening Price in Lucknow


Hair smoothening
For Female - Smoothening produces approximately 80% straight tresses. Our female permanent hair straightening price in lucknow increases with length. Our salon is known for best hair smoothening in lucknow. We primarily use Loreal xtenso, Schwarzkopf and wella professional to achieve flawless hair smoothening results.

6000 and Up

Hair smoothening for Male
Visit Jawed Habib Hazratganj, the best salon for hair smoothening. Our Male hair smoothening price in Lucknow starts from Rs 3000. At least 6 inches of length from roots are required for successful results.

3000 and Up

Hair Rebonding for Female
Get celebrity like 100% straight tresses with hair rebonding. Rebonding is Ideal for voluminous curly and unmanageable locks. Process primarily involve loreal xtenso products. Results will last till new growth. Our female hair rebonding price starts from 6500 and increases with length, Visiit Jawed Habib Hazratganj to know if rebonding is ideal for you.

6500 and Up

Hair Rebonding
For Male - Loreal xtenso hair rebonding for fizzy, curly and unmanageable locks. Our hair rebonding price in lucknow starts from 3500 at the best salon for hair straightening. We Jawed Habib Hazratganj recommend to have at least 6 inches of length from root for successful results.

3500 and Up

Keratin Treatment for Female
Keratin treatment to bring back life to dull and damaged locks. Our keratin treatment cost in Lucknow starts from 6000 for shoulder length and increases with density and length. We prefer GK keratin as product. Keratin treatment is ideal for chemical or weather damaged hairs. It lasts only 3-4 months and then gradually wear off with time.

6000 and Up

Keratin Treatment
For Male - Jawed Habib presents GK Keratin treatment for chemically damaged locks. Jawed Habib salon hazratganj recommends to have minimum 6-inch length for Keratin treatment at our salon. Our Keratin treatment cost in Lucknow for Male starts from 3000 and increases with length.

3000 and Up

Kerasmooth treatment for female
Kerasmooth treatment is new thing in the market that brings Keratin and smoothening together. Kerasmooth price in our salon, Jawed Habib starts from 8000 for shoulder length and increases with length. Considering the benefit of both Keratin and smoothening, Kerasmooth is true value for money.

8000 and Up

KeraSmooth Treatment
KeraSmooth Treatment is combination of smoothening and Keratin. Kerasmooth price in Our salon starts from 4500. While comparing other permanent straightening options, Kerasmooth price may seem expensive but considering the benefit of both worlds of Smoothening and Keratin, Kerasmooth price is actually value for money.

4500 and Up

Nanoplastia Hair Treatment for Female
Nanoplastia hair treatment in Lucknow is next big thing. We use floractive nanoplastia product that gives smooth silky and upto 80 percent straightness. Cost for Nanoplastia hair treatment in Lucknow at jawed habib salon Hazratganj starts from 8000 for shoulder length and increases with length.

8000 and Up

Nanoplastia Hair Treatment
For Male - Jawed Habib Hazratganj gives you opportunity to transform your look with revolutionary Nanoplastia hair treatment in lucknow. Nanoplastia hair treatment cost for male starts from 4500 for minimum of 6 inch length.

4500 and Up

Hair Botox Treatment for Female
Suffering from chemically damaged hairs, Try Hair Botox treatment at Jawed Habib Hazratganj. Our salon is known to provide best Hair Botox treatment in Lucknow.Hair Botox fills the damaged cuticles with botox molecules from inside for extra protection that you need.

4499 and Up

Hair Botox Treatment
Our Male clients are invited for hair botox treatment at Jawed Habib Hazratganj. We are best salon for Hair Botox treatment in Lucknow. Our Botox treatment price starts from 2499 for male.

2499 and Up

Female permanent hair straightening
Female permanent hair straightening price in Lucknow starts from Rs. 6000 for shoulder length at Jawed habib. Our straightening services are are most affordable and yet offers top class result.

6000 and Up

Hair straightening
Permanent hair straightening price for male starts from 3000 for minimum of 6-inch length from roots. Here at Jawed Habib, We believe in our work and we take 2 week warranty on our straightening services.

3000 and Up

*Prices inclusive of tax, No Additional charges.

How much does a keratin treatment cost at Jawed Habib?

Keratin treatment price at jawed Habib is based on length. Cost till shoulder length is Rs. 6000. cost till mid waist length is Rs. 7500. Keratin treatment cost till waist length is Rs. 8500. Wash after process is included in price. Shampoo, mask and conditioner for home use are not part of price. Price includes taxes. Jawed Habib Hazratganj is know to provide best keratin treatment in city.

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