Hair is one of very important features of someone's personality. Especially for girls, as most girls have long hairs which are easily visible from a distance. 

Someone's effective personality can help her make situations in her favor. So, it is always a competition among people to have amazing looking hairs. 

 Trends of hair straightening, keratin treatment, are a few of such trends related to making hairs good looking. People think that hair straightening and keratin treatment are same but in reality, both are different. If you want to know how, then read this article. 

 To make hairs good looking and attractive, people try out many methods and products. Every method and product has its own benefits and disadvantages. In this article we are going to discuss about two such popular methods and we will also compare them in the end of article. These methods are: 

1. Hair straightening(Rebonding) 

2. Keratin treatment


Hair straightening

Hair straightening techniques are of many types. Here, we are talking mainly about Rebonding technique of hair straightening. It is also called chemical hair straightening. 


In this method, bonds of curly or frizzy hairs are broken through a multistep chemical process and reshaped again while making the hairs straight, and sleek. 

 Keratin Treatment

Advantages of hair straightening (rebonding)


1. After chemical hair straightening process, your hairs become straight, smooth. If you don't like your curly or messy hairs then you can go through this process to make them straight. 


2. Hair straightening process provides straight and sleek hairs permanently in some extent. Your hairs which have gone through straightening process will remain straight and sleek until new hairs grow. 


Disadvantages of hair straightening


1. Hair straightening provides unnatural straight hair look to your hairs which may be unsuitable for all places or events. 

2. Hair straightening may damage your hairs in the process of reshaping the bonds of hair strands. 

3. Need a saloon and an experienced hairstylist. 

4. This can affect the texture of newly grown hair strands. 

5. Chemicals used in the rebonding process may irritate your scalp and eyes. 


Keratin Treatment

Your hairs are majorly contain a protein named keratin. Keratin build up the outer protective layer and internal structure of a hair strand. If this protein somehow become less in your hairs then your hairs become frizzy, tangled and dull.


To refill the porous hairs resulted from loss of keratin, keratin treatment is an effective method. After the treatment, damaged parts of your hair get repaired and now, you have shiny, less frizzy, mildly curled hairs.


Advantages of Keratin Treatment-


1. Keratin treatment is more natural method of getting shiny, less frizzy, and smooth hairs in comparison of other methods as it is based on keratin refilling in porous hairs. Keratin protein is the major constituent of hairs. 

2. Keratin treatment provides you natural looking shiny, straight and smooth hairs. 

3. Keratin treatment doesn't affect your hairs permanently and your hairs may come back in the same position as before the treatment after 3-4 months. So, it is a good method to get ready for a few important events because it's not permanent. 

4. It is suitable for most kinds of hairs. 

5. You may get the keratin treatment after coloring your hairs. Keratin treatment covers your colored hairs with a protective layer of keratin. Hence, colors can't wash out from your hairs easily. 


Disadvantages of Keratin Treatment-


1. Keratin Treatment is generally a 4-5 hours long ritual. So, you have to free up this much time from your busy schedule. Also you are not allowed to wash your hair, and tie them for at least 2 days. 

2. Keratin treatment may be costly in comparison to many other treatments. It's cost depends on the salon, brand, and the products used. 

3. You need an experienced hairstylist for this treatment. 

4. It doesn't need much maintenance after the treatment. You just need to care for starting two days after the treatment. For starting two days, you should not wash your hairs and tie them. 

5. Keratin treatment traumatizes your hair follicle which may result in hair fall. This hair problem is common after keratin treatment. 


Difference between hair straightening and Keratin Treatment 


We have already discussed about hair straightening and Keratin Treatment in the above lines but we didn't focus on the difference between the two. So, let's do that now-


1. Longevity-

Effect of chemical hair straightening method is permanent while of keratin treatment remains for 3-4 months only. 


2. Straightness-

Chemical hair straightening method provides "pin straight" hairs while keratin treatment provides natural looking straight hairs. It doesn't make them "pin straight".

3. Time-

Chemical hair straightening process takes around 3-6 hours of time and Keratin Treatment process takes around 4-5 hours of time.

4. Texture and appearance-

Chemical hair straightening makes hairs appear pin straight sticky while keratin treatment makes them soft, silky, shiny, and easy to manage.

5. Chemicals-

In chemical hair straightening, harsh chemicals are used while in keratin treatment, something formaldehyde-free is used.



Chemical hair straightening method and Keratin treatment both have their advantages and disadvantages. You should have a good conversation with your hairstylist about your hair and the chances of them getting better before making the next step of utilizing any chemical treatment.


Keratin treatment provides more natural results in comparison to chemical hair straightening method. Various chemicals used in many types of hair rebonding processes are harsh, so, you should confirm about their proses and cons before undergoing the process.


If possible, you should do your research about the products which are going to be applied on your hairs and check their reliability, because many new products are coming in the market which may contain harmful chemical combinations.


Whatever smooth, sleek, and shiny hairs look attractive and add some positive points in the overall personality. Girls can have many variations just by changing their hair style. They may become cute, professional, hot, fierce or anything else easily.


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