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Lotus Cleanup
Refreshes and rejuvenates skin cells. Keeps up firmness and skin flexibility. Rejuvenates skin and gives it a characteristic glow. Improves skin texture and keeps skin delicate and supple. Re-hydrates skin cells.


Lotus Goldsheen Cleanup
Refreshes and rejuvenates skin cells. Goldsheen cleanup gives gold like glow and hydrates the dehydrated skin.


O3+ Seawood Cleanup
Cleanup appropriate for normal to oily skin involves Seaweed Cleansing Gel, Seaweed Tonic, Seaweed Serum, Seaweed Cream.


O3+ Whitening Cleanup
Concern brightening, pigmentation control skin type typical to dry, all skin type benefits extra whiteness and pigmentation control formula. Reasonable for typical to dry skin involves brightening purging froth, brightening tonic, brightening serum, brightening cream.


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