Hair Patch in Lucknow

Hair Patch
Brand: Eko Base:Eko Monofilament are good choice at least in term of value for money. Eko Monofilament run longer however they are not most comfortable to wear for sure. Eko Monofilament hair patch price in Lucknow is Rs.10000


Hair Patch Price
Brand: USA Base Base: Monofilament, USA Monofilament gives value for money when it comes to durability and comfort, easy patch service with durable material. USA Monofilament hair patch price at jawed habib Hazratganj is Rs.12500.


Hair Patch Cost
Brand: los angeles Base: Monofilament, Los Angeles Monofilament can be considered best hair patch in Lucknow, which is durable and comfortable altogether. Los Angeles Monofilament hair patch cost in Lucknow is Rs. 15000. Jawed Habib Hazratganj is known for its top-quality work in industry.


Hair Patch - BM
BM is known for its 100 percent original human hairs. BM has monofilament base which is quite durable with convenient hair patch service in Lucknow. Price for this brand is Rs. 15000.


Hair Patch - BMW
If you are looking for monofilament-based patches then BMW is best hair patch in Lucknow. BMW hair patch price in Lucknow is Rs. 18000. Jawed Habib salon Hazratganj has EMI options available for select credit card holders, Reach us to know if EMI option is available for you.


Hair Patch - Silk top
As its name suggest silk top hair patch has base net made of Silk like material that gives comfortable wearing experience. While its monofilament outer surface gives durability and convenient hair patch service in Lucknow. Silk top hair patch price is Rs.18000.


Hair Patch - Hair City
Hair city patch is another affordable and reliable option. Hair City price is Rs. 18500 at our salon. Easy EMI option may be available for you, book your appointment today.


Hair Patch - Silk Super
Silk Super patch beats even silk top in the matter of comfort of base net, however its durability some what gets compromised. A special comb is required while wearing Silk super patch. Silk super hair patch price at Jawed Habib is Rs. 20000 only. Call us at 9598008800 to discuss about easy EMI options, your look does not deserves a waitlist.


Hair Patch - Australia
Australia Monofilament has base made of Monofilament. Monofilament patch is a cost-effective solution for the baldness. A polyester or nylon type material is used to create the mesh for base. It lasts for about one year to one and half year. Monofilament patches are made of real human hairs. Australia brand has a price tag of Rs.22500 at Jawed Habib salon Hazratganj.Call us today to check out if payment in installment option is available for you.


Hair Patch - Australia - Front Lace
Australia - Front Lace gives a natural hairline while Australia monofilament patch gives much needed durability. Front Lace Patch is made of hundred percent natural human hairs and it lasts around 1 year to 1 year 3 months. At Jawed habib Hazratganj salon, Australia - Front Lace hair patch price in Lucknow is Rs.22500


Hair Patch - Miraj
Base of the Miraj patch is made of skin like polymer and it is very light in nature that makes it one of the best Candidate. It is impossible to find out if you are wearing a patch. it is very durable and it lasts from 2 Year to 2 and half year. Miraj monofilament price is Rs.30000 at Jawed Habib.Easy EMI installment options are available, Call 9598008800 to find out if you are qualified.


Front Lace Hair Patch - Miraj
Miraj Front Lace is pinnacle of patches, it's most comfortable and durable patch in industry. You can do any type of partition in this patch and visible part will look like natural skin. It lasts from one and half year to 2 years. Visit Jawed Habib salon hazratganj for free consultation. Miraj Front Lace Hair Patch price is Rs.32500


Full Lace Hair Patch - Miraj
If you forget about durability and just think about comfort then Miraj Full Lace is perfect choice. If you have problem which sweating or if you have itchy scalp then this type of patches are most suitable, a thin lace around the cap gives better comfort and natural look from all sides. This type of patches lasts from 9 months to 1 year. Cost for premium Miraj Full Lace is Rs.35000


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