Do you have tangled hair? Well, that might be the reason you are here. Tangled hairs are twisted with each other, which makes the hair’s condition miserable.


To make your hair straight, hair rebonding is the best solution.


So let us first see what hair rebonding is. 


What is Hair rebonding?

Hair rebonding is a chemical process that helps in changing the texture of the hair and makes it smooth. A straight style is given to the hair through this process which is also known as chemical straightening


The process of hair rebonding is typically performed by a licensed cosmetologist, or under the supervision of the same.


Once the process of hair rebonding is done, the next thing is taking care of the hair. Hair becomes delicate after the chemical straightening. There are some things that one should keep in mind after hair rebonding which will be discussed in this blog post.


So let’s jump to the main subject.



Taking Care of the Hair after Hair Rebonding:


It is very crucial to take care of the hair after the rebonding. The hair can be permanently damaged if its proper nourishment will not be done after the process. So let us have a look at the things one must do after chemical straightening.  


1.     Don’t Wash Your Hair for At Least Three Days:


Your hair needs a few days to adopt the new structure. For the best results, don’t wash your hair for the next 72 hours. This will give your hair time to settle with the new texture and structure. 


2.     Avoid Hair Accessories:


Minimal use of hair accessories will save your hair from damage. Your hair becomes fragile immediately after the chemical process. Hair accessories can cause breakage and even damage the hair forever.


3.     Regular Use of Conditioners:


Conditioners give shinning to the hair and the glaze lasts longer. Instant application of conditioner after shampooing can make the hair stronger, softer, and shinier. 

While purchasing a hair conditioner, keep your hair type in mind. Buy a trusted brand or buy a product suggested by your cosmetologist. If you are from Lucknow, contact Jawed Habib Salon for better results.


4.     Use a Wide Tooth Comb:


After rebonding, the tension between the hairs enhances. The wide-tooth comb causes less tension and ripping in the hair. Keep using a wide-tooth comb for some time after the chemical strengthening.


5.     Avoid Heat Styling:


Excess heat causes damage to normal hair. After hair rebonding, the hairs become more fragile. Using heat styling after hair rebonding can cause severe damage to the hair. Avoid heat styling for some time after the process.


6.     Avoid Dying or Bleaching the Hair:


Dyes and bleaches have chemical substances in them. After hair rebonding, the hair becomes brittle and if more chemicals will be applied to it, the hair can be harmed. So keep this important thing in mind.


Any application of chemicals on the hair can be injurious.


7.     Use Sulfate-Free Shampoos:


Your hair is revamped after hair rebonding. To retain the smooth texture and soft structure, use sulfate-free shampoos. Although, sulfate is an important substance that cleans the hair and removes germs.


Other than sulfate-free shampoos, other ingredients like keratin are also beneficial for treated hairs. Taking care of such small things will help your hair in longer runs.


8.     Take Cold Showers: 


Hot showers are considered to be the best. But when your hair is chemically treated, avoid hot showers. The hot waters have the potential to damage the hair after chemical rebonding. 


Cold waters can help you to retain moisture as much as possible. Also if you only take hot showers, then reduce your bathing time. The interaction of treated hairs with hot waters must be very less. This will help your hair to retain smoothness. 


9.     Protect Your Hair from Humidity:


Restructured hairs are likely to be more vulnerable to damage from humidity. The sensitivity of hair increases after the treatment, and direct exposure to humidity may make the hair frizzy and curly. 


Use protective methods such as wearing hats, and scarves. It will prevent direct contact of your hair with humidity.


10.                        Focus on Having a Clean Diet:


The nourishment of your hair is directly related to your food intake. Avoid junk and other unhealthy foods. Unhealthy foods will impact the growth and recovery of hair after chemical treatment. 


Try to have a clean meal, full of vegetables and fruits. Eat fruits such as oranges and apples. The nutrition contents of the fruits will give the hair direct nutrients. 





Hair is an integral part of our personality. A person’s persona is defined through hair. Having good hair is the desire of every person. 


The tangled and rough texture of your hair makes you look untidy. Chemical rebonding helps the hairs to attain a smooth and soft texture. The structure of hair also improves after the rebonding process.


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