Hair Extensions in Lucknow

If you ask me easy and fast methods to get long, full hair then I will suggest to go with hair extensions. There are mainly 2 type of hair extensions, Permanent hair extension in Lucknow and Temporary hair extension. Everyone has their own opinion about each of them, even when they never used any hair extension before. That's why many information becomes wrong and misleads other people. I will try to break many of the misconceptions spread among people through this article.

Temporary hair extensions can be put on or taken off at will by yourself. You don't need a professional to help you wear it or remove it.

For example- Clip-ins, hair pieces.

On the other hand, permanent hair extensions require a professional to install or remove the hair extension from your head. You need to visit the salon like Jawed Habib for that purpose. Some examples of permanent hair extensions are fusion extensions, hand tied wefts hair extensions, flat tip hair extensions, tape-ins etc.

hair extensions in lucknow

Hair extensions can be used for many purposes as listed below

  1. To increase the length of your hair.
  2. To add some colors or dimensions in your hair.
  3. To add some volume in your hair.
  4. To change the hairstyle without cutting and changing the natural hair.
  5. To hide the bad haircut.

Hair Extensions in Lucknow

Although there are many uses of hair extensions in Lucknow, misconceptions related to them make people fear from using them, or get harmed by using them. Let's discuss these misconceptions in detail.

  1. Natural hairs get weaker

Many People say that natural hairs get weaker on wearing the hair extensions in Lucknow but it is not true totally. Actually, If you are wearing a permanent hair extension in Lucknow that pulls your natural hairs from their roots then roots can be damaged, resulting in more hair loss.

  1. Headache

It is said about hair extensions in Lucknow that they give you a headache, but it is not true with every hair extension. If you wear a heavy hair extension which makes you feel uncomfortable, or if your extension puts pressure on your head, then you may get a headache after some time. So, while choosing a hair extension, choose the one which you feel good and light on yourself.

  1. They don't blend in

Many less informed people say that hair extensions don't blend in but it's an incomplete truth. Hair extensions can be blended easily if you work on choosing the right hair extension which matches your hair texture. After choosing the best possible hair extension, if it still doesn't blend in then you can go further to cut your hair, color your hair, or hide your small hairs by long hair extension.

You can take the help of an experienced professional also to blend your hairs in.

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  1. Clip-in extensions cause strain on follicle

Clip-in extensions come in many varieties. Some of them are really bad, they are visible and cause strain on follicles. You should check out different varieties of Clip-in extensions and choose the one with the best quality clip. Alternatively, you can try out other types of extensions also.

  1. Hair extensions get Tangled

The point is, natural hairs also get tangled if you don't pay proper attention and maintenance to them. So, why wouldn't hair extensions be tangled? To prevent your hair extensions from tangling, you have to care for them as you do your natural hairs.

  1. Tape In hair extensions cause strain on hairs

This is also half truth. Actually, if you put too much weight in the name of hair extensions then it will definitely cause strain. While using tape in hair extensions, Take care not to hang hair extensions on thin and very less hairs or your natural hairs will get damaged.

  1. Hair extensions will look fake on you

As long as you believe that hair extensions won't look real on you, there is no solution to it. A hair expert can not help you with your body language and your confidence but he can definitely make your fake hair look very real.

If you are using temporary hair extensions and are not satisfied with your looks then you must go to a hair expert for help.

  1. Sew in extensions cause strain and hair loss

Sew in hair extensions are attached to your natural hairs with a thread. This thread is tied to many places on your hairs and then hair extension is tied to this thread.

So, if this thread is tied by an inexperienced person then it can cause strain and hair loss.  It is advised to enquire about the experience of the hair professional before taking his services.

  1. Microbeads hair extensions are harmful for natural hairs

In this method, an I-tip is formed by bundling some hair strands together. This I-tip is perfectly sealed with some strands of your natural hairs by microbeads of copper, aluminum, or silicone.

Around 50-250 I-tips are used based on the requirement or desire of the person. There are many points of contact to support all the weight of added hairs. So, this method is thought to be least damaging to hairs.

Some precautions while using hair extensions

  1. If your hair is already damaged then please talk to the hair expert and try to Make your hair healthy back before using any hair extension.
  2. If you are feeling discomfort, headache, pain or too much itching in the scalp then make sure that hair extension is on the right place, and it is not loose. Too much itching can be the result of clogged shampoo in the roots of your hairs, or other filth. So, Try to wash your head as soon as possible.
  1. Place your temporary hair extension on a clean place after removing it.
  1. Keep providing your natural hair some relief after using hair extensions for a long time.

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Hair is such an important feature of someone's personality that when they get damaged a common person feels very low in confidence and often faces difficulty in making eye contact with important people in their life.

This is where hair extensions enter as an instant solution for these people. But many misconceptions about hair extensions scare or harm them. Hair extensions are not bad if you have enough information about them or you are able to take help from a trusted professional.

If you don't want to use hair extensions daily for a long period of time then you should use temporary hair extensions. You can remove and wear them easily whenever you want.

To be always safe, please Don't rush, wear and remove the hair extension properly. Most chances of skin damage, hair damage, eye damage are at the time of wearing and removing the hair extensions.

If you want to go for best permanent hair extensions in Lucknow then we invite you to visit Jawed Habib Salon Hazratganj.


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