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Unlocking Confidence: Jawed Habib's Guide and Must-Knows Before Getting a Hair Patch

Thin hair volume is a common problem among boys. It reduces their self confidence and effectiveness of their personality. In some cases, boys loose hairs of a small part on their heads and shiny smooth skin of the head becomes apparent. So, to hide this baldness, hair patch can be used to cover the bald part.

Hair patch fixing is one of highly popular hair restoration treatments. It is affordable, versatile, and provides instant results with no risk. Before continuing, please be aware that Hair patch fixing, Hair patch treatment, hair patch clipping, hair patch tapping, hair patch bonding etc. They all are basically same method.

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Hair patch fixing procedure

Hair patch fixing is safer in comparison to many other hair replacement treatments because it doesn't require any surgery or medicine. After washing your head, they notice the texture of your hairs, and take measurements of your head and the bald area. Then they choose the best hair patches according to your hair texture and need. They may also cut and dress your already existing hairs to match the hair patch.

 Hair patches of the shape and size of bald areas are cut out and glued or clipped on the head of the person. The glue/clips used in the treatment are harmless to the scalp and already existing hairs.

 If you are thinking of trying hair patch fixing then you should be aware of the below given things before getting a hair patch.

Eligibility for hair patch

 Men and women are both eligible for hair patch fixing. It is not a surgical treatment so any person can try out this method of hair replacement. The general health of the person is not taken into consideration as the treatment doesn't require any surgery or medication.

Side effects of hair patch fixing

Hair patch fixing is a simple procedure. Mainly hair patch, cosmetic glue, and clips are used in the hair patch treatment. As long as the stuff used in the procedure is reliable and harmless, there are no side effects of the treatment.

You should investigate the reliability of things which are applied on your head before continuing the treatment if possible.

While removing or cleaning the hair patch, your scalp may be damaged if the professional or you doesn't take precautions.

How long does the procedure run?

 The procedure of hair patch treatment takes around 3-7 hours. So, you should have at least one free day to go to the salon and take the treatment. Some salons may take 2 days also by performing some tasks on the first day and remaining tasks on the next day.

How long does the treatment last?

Hair patch, cosmetic glues, and clips come in many varieties in the market. Some hair patches break down within 1-2 weeks and some hair patches last for even 3-12 months. So, duration till the treatment will last depends on the quality of hair patch, cosmetic glues and clips etc. applied on your head.

Material used in base of hair patch

Generally, it is observed that the more natural a hair patch appears, the less durable it is. It depends on you if you want a more natural look or more durability of hair patch. Durability of lace based hair patches is around 4 to 6 weeks.

What is the cost of hair patch treatment in India?

The cost of hair patch treatment in India is around Rs. 12,000- Rs. 60,000. This cost may go even more depending on the brand, luxury, and reliability of the salon and professional. Cost also depends on the city. Generally, it is cheaper than hair transplant surgery.

Can I sleep with a hair patch?

Best benefit of hair patch treatment is, your scalp can breadth while wearing the hair patch and it feels natural. So, you can comfortably sleep with a hair patch.

Don't worry about the structure of your hair patch while sleeping. It is flexible enough to come back in the same condition as it was before going to sleep.

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Cleaning hair patch

 Important disadvantage from the hair patch treatment that you should consider is removing and cleaning the patch every 30 days. You may need to change the hair patch also after some time(1-2 years) if the condition of hair patch becomes dull.


Hair loss is a common problem in today's world. It occurs due to heredity, infections on scalp, stress, unhealthy diet, or due to certain diseases. If hair loss happens in a small area of your head and not in the whole head then you can go for hair patch treatment. This treatment can provide you instant results at an affordable price and without going through any surgical activity. The procedure is simple and takes only 1 day.

You can be fully ready within one day to attend any party, meeting, or whatever you want. Hairs make you confident and effective in a crowd. It doesn't matter if your hair is fake or real.

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