Best salon in lucknow for hair colour

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best salon in lucknow for hair colour

best salon in lucknow for hair colour

When getting ready to color your hair you do not have to stick to a plain old boring color how about some funky hair color ideas that can mix it up a bit and leave lucknow people’s eyes popping when they next see you? Whether you are trying to get a rise out of someone, have a bit of spirit at the next ball game or simply want to do something a bit different perhaps you are looking for something a bit a out of the ordinary.

What you choose to do when it come to Funky hair colour ideas will greatly depend on how far out you want to go. The great thing is that if you just want to color your hair crazy for the night, which is now possible to do. Temporary hair colors allow you to let it all hang out at night when you go out to party, then wash your hair and be ready for the office tomorrow. Temporary hair colors come in a variety of colors and are a perfect way to be brave without being so brave. If you are Living in lucknow then may be you can visist jawed habib lucknow and our hair colorist can give you some great ideas about hair color.

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Best salon in lucknow for hair colour

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Many people here in lucknow use a temporary hair color to test whether they want a certain hair color permanently but others use a temporary color as a way to dress up for Halloween or to show team spirit when heading to their high school football game. Why buy a rainbow wig just make your own rainbow colored hair by buying a few different colors and getting a friend to help you dye your hair.No worries our hair stylists at Jawed habib hazratganj are ready to solve the problems for every one from lucknow.

Have you ever teased your parents about getting a purple Mohawk hair color? Why not show up at home with a purple Mohawk and see the expression on their faces? Imagine how relieved they will be when they see it all wash out.

Here at lucknow Lots of teams have a colors day at school where kids are encouraged to dress up in school colors or perhaps you and your friends love to show up at the game in the team colors, why not hairdressing color your hair to support the team? You can put a big stripe down the middle of one color and color the sides the other hair color.

Why Jawed Habib Hazratganj is the best salon in lucknow for hair colour ?

The last way to try out your hair color is just to buy a box of it and try it out, you can test try it on a small corner of your hair that does not show, to see if it looks as good on your hair as it did in the box. This does require spending the money to see if you like it, but if you are really not sure and need to see it actually on your hair, this is really the only way to do it, that you can be sure of how it will look on your hair.

Additionally you can visit us and we can color small part of you hair(Do’t Worry will not charge for that color) and if you like you can Go for the color. Or maybe Go for the color you want and if you do not like the color we change back the color to normal within 2 weeks and there will be no additional charge for that.

We are color guru in following hair color services.

  • Hair Color (Male) in Lucknow
  • Hair Color - Ammonia Free (Male) in Lucknow
  • Hair Color - Fashion Shade (Male) in Lucknow
  • Global Highlights (Male) hair color in Lucknow
  • Global Color hair color in Lucknow
  • Global Color - Ammonia Free hair color in Lucknow
  • Root Touchup (Female) hair color in Lucknow
  • Root Touchup - Ammonia Free (Female) hair color in Lucknow
  • Root Touchup - Fashion Shade (Female) hair color in Lucknow
  • Global Highlights (Female) hair color in Lucknow
  • Highlights Per Streak hair color in Lucknow
  • Balayage hair color in Lucknow
  • Ombre hair color in Lucknow
  • Sombre hair color in Lucknow
  • Fluid hair painting hair color in Lucknow
  • Babylight or baby blonde highlights hair color in Lucknow
  • Splashlights hair color in Lucknow
  • Hair gloss hair color in Lucknow
  • Silver blonde hair color in Lucknow
  • Ronze hair color in Lucknow
  • Tortoiseshell hair color in Lucknow

Our hair colour price in lucknow are very Reasonable and it comes with 2 week warranty

best hair color salon in lucknow

You can select any colors for your hairdressing color in Lucknow area. But it must be a good combination. If you take a pastel tone then you can fade the colors mutually. We first start from the top and put the hair dye carefully, from the center to outward. If the top is finished then cover the dyed hair by plastic. Then repeat the similar process to the bottom half hair.

After completing the work, then We give some time for processing. If the dye is completely saturated, then we rinse each part of the hair disjointedly. Then we dry up the hair or style it perfectly. After all this you get the result of using hair colors. It is more beautiful and gorgeous than anybodies look in whole Lucknow.

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