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Best Hair Color in Lucknow

We are offering Hair color services in the Lucknow and surrounding areas, offering top notch yet affordable hair color for young and old.

Hair Color is our hair salon specialty, we also enjoy providing modern & fashionable women’s, men’s hair color, global color, highlights, streak colors and chunky colors.

Enjoy our professional hair coloring skills advices and personalized service, in quiet location with plenty of free parking. Let our trained staff take care of your hair color needs in Lucknow. We offer mans hair color too a great way to ensure all the boys are looking their best too! We carry a great range of hairdressing products; shampoos, conditioners, gels and more.

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Hair color Service

If you want your hair to be colored, then first you should come to our salon at jawed habib hazratganj lucknow and check with our experienced and expert hair colorist in lucknow. Make sure that you are aware of the hair tone that you want. Also ask how long it will last. The hair stylists and experts in our Lucknow based salon which you have consulted will give you the exact details and advices about the color you want.

You should choose a hair color that matches your skin tone, if your hair is already red, then auburn and golden blonde color will probably look nice on you. You should always assess your skin tone before coloring your hair. People who have olive skin tones can go for shades like plum ,maroon and deep reds. For medium skin tones, wine red, cherry and burgundy hair colors will compliment the skin tone.

Dyes usually have large molecules that do not penetrate easily through the hair shaft. That is the reason why it easily fades off from the hair in just a few weeks. If you want your dyed hair to last longer, the next treatment that you should do is to prepare your hair before you start dyeing it. It’s better to undergo a pre- color treatment as this will help to remove build up minerals and undesirable products in the hair that intervene when coloring dye is applied. There are also different shampoos, conditioners and treatments that are available in our luck now salon that suits your need. A color locking conditioner will be the best for you to retain the color. Always apply this to your hair soon after you finish coloring your hair. When the hair had been completely rinsed, you can apply it and rinse again. This helps the cuticle to bring back the proper Ph levels of the hair for having minimal fading.

You should ask our Lucknow based hair stylist and beauty experts about what shampoo or conditioner is good for your red hair. Apply this once in a week for retaining your shiny colored hair.

We speclize in following services.

  • Hair Color (Male) in lucknow
  • Hair Color - Ammonia Free (Male) in lucknow
  • Hair Color - Fashion Shade (Male) in lucknow
  • Global Highlights (Male) hair color in lucknow
  • Global Color hair color in lucknow
  • Global Color - Ammonia Free hair color in lucknow
  • Root Touchup (Female) hair color in lucknow
  • Root Touchup - Ammonia Free (Female) hair color in lucknow
  • Root Touchup - Fashion Shade (Female) hair color in lucknow
  • Global Highlights (Female) hair color in lucknow
  • Highlights Per Streak hair color in lucknow
  • Balayage hair color in lucknow
  • Ombre hair color in lucknow
  • Sombre hair color in lucknow
  • Fluid hair painting hair color in lucknow
  • Babylight or baby blonde highlights hair color in lucknow
  • Splashlights hair color in lucknow
  • Hair gloss hair color in lucknow
  • Silver blonde hair color in lucknow
  • Ronze hair color in lucknow
  • Tortoiseshell hair color in lucknow

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Why choose Hair Color Services from Jawed Habib Hazratganj Lucknow?

We have team of most experienced hair color professionals in luck now city. We are highly recognized salon in Lucknow. We take full warranty of our work done. Not Just this if you do not like hair color done by us for any reason come back within one week and we will change the color of your hairs in no additional cost. That means we provide 100% satisfaction gaurenteed.

Hair Color Lucknow

You live in lucknow, you want to make your look gorgeous hair color is the best solution. The hair color gets your hairstyle outside from the boring zone. Now a day’s multi color hair style is the most popular hairstyle. You can get a stylish hairstyle and combination of color each time by hair color as you wish.

Suppose you are watching a backdated black and white TV and getting thrilled. Because you do not know any better. But if you are watching a color TV first time. Then you know the difference. The world is not black and white; it is full with colors. I am pretty sure that two tone hair colors is the most acceptable hairstyle for the new generation.

Hair color is a very important part of life for new generation in Lucknow city. If you put on new cloths, change bed sheets, buy new furniture. It makes your mind refreshed and updated. It’s precisely same when the hair color is changed. The change of hair color makes your feelings fabulous. In everyday life it can give you a perfect outlook.

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